Welcome to the BLAHAJGang!

Welcome to MLH's meme of the century. Prepare for your life to be enhanced by a one meter long stuffed shark from a Swedish furniture store.

What is the BLAHAJGang?

The BLAHAJGang is Local Hack Day: Share's best guild! How are we the best guild? Well, that's up to you. You should use the squishy thing inside your head and work out why we're incredible, and when you've worked that out, please let us know.

How will BLAHAJGang change my life?

In every way possible. We're not even joking. Just being in BLAHAJ's presence will change everything. BLAHAJ isn't just the best thing ever, he's a beautiful creature who can handle anything. And you're gonna love him.

What is Local Hack Day: Share?

Local Hack Day: Share is one of Major League Hacking's annual events. While the entire event isn't a meme, it contains a man called Ryan Swift who most certainly is. Click here to learn more!

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